Is my privacy data protected?


Your data is transmit using Secure Socket Layer to our cloud server and only between the device and our cloud server can be able transmit these data. Man in middle attack cant access to these data during transmission.

Also, your data is encrypted with AES-256 algorithm with your own of password and your own of password also encrypted again with the most algorithm in the world and no one can decrypt the password, its one way encryption and the password stores separate with the database and cloud server (its a secret :*) so if the database got attack and access by the intruder, still they cant view any data at all. 

So i would say your data is safe with us and only viewable by you, on your account panel. Unless you gave the password to somebody else, otherwise pretty much no one can see your data, not even the images, YES we also encrypted images, most of other services or monitor tool dont do this or talk about this, because of the processor and bandwidth and money involves, but our mainly focus is your privacy so we encrypted it all :)

Note: Because of the security reason, you will notice if you are changing your password, your whole account and data locked out because we need to decrypted everything then encrypted again with your new password, you will get an email notification when this process is done and be able to login and view your data again.

So we suggest you to change the password if you need it during low peak time or when you dont need to view the data.

We also suggest you to not use other product that not clarify on these since your data and images can be explode and who knows what they will do with your data and images. 

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