Pause and Delete function

The pause and delete function under your Account information is available for paid function only. We customize this features for users so they can benefit from it. We are the only one doing this for Users.

Basicly what it does it after you purchase any function then decide not to use it or hold on the expiration date or maybe today you don't need to monitor SMS or or Call, just Viber tracking only, i could think of many way benefit of this feature :) then just click pause it, your function will be turn off on all across devices, data wont be log and record, then your expiration date also on pause, after that you decide today is the important date to monitor then just click resume, all operation of that function will be back to normal, which mean it will turn on at the device and record data then flush the data to your account. 

After click resume, it will record all the data during that period you tap paused, so you wont miss any logs during that period. This great unique features on your account will benefit on your daily usage and saving a lot of money unlike the other on the market...your subscription will continue draining and your money basically throw out the window.



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