Gift Code

The gift code function is for those who remove the function out of the account or remove the account complete. 



  • If you decide to remove your function and not want to use pause function, then click remove, it will send you the gift code remaining date left on your account. You can then use this code to apply to new account or whenever you need again, it will reactivate that function for you and apply across on all devices under your account.
  • If you receive your gift code from promotion or other Affiliate  then use that to apply on your account. 
  • Purchase for your family to track some one or use it to track other kids. This is a great way to use our app
  • Gift Code doesnt have any exp date so you can use it and hold on to it whenver you want.

To use:

  • Click on your Account Information, click Have gift code then Apply your GiftCode. You will see the notification indicate the status of that gift code and message want to confirm to apply that on your account. Tap yes to apply. After that go back your setting for each device then turn on or off whatever you want then click save.
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