What is IntelMobi and how does it work ?


IntelMobi is a background application that secretly records all device activity and third party app activity of the phone and back up, transmit using secure socket layer to server, then encrypted again on our server and database to make it viewable only to you, then delete every 14 days. So IntelMobi is very safe for you if you are concern about the privacy and integrity of the data.

The software installs directly into the phone you would like to monitor, however you have to have the phone on your hand at least 1 time and take couple minutes to follow instruction to download and install. All settings can be adjust remotely under your control panel. So you don’t need to worry to have the phone ever again, unless there is a major update or big bug that could not push through remotely, that you need to reinstall the software again, this is rarely happening.

After finish installation, you will likely start seeing data under your account after 5 to 10mins which depend on how heavily usage of the phone at the time.


Attention: The target phone must have access to the Internet at the time of installation and be compatible with IntelMobi. Check if your mobile device is supported, or contact us, we will help you to find out support@intelmobi.com.

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