How to remove my device from my account and from uninstall app ?

If you decide to remove your device out of the account, or you want to move the device from one account to another, you have to remove it out of your account.

Be warning:

  • All of your data will be wipe from current account, all of the subscription data is base on your account, not device so your device will be unlink to those functions subscribed. You could backup your data if you feel like your data is important.


  • Once remove, you can not activate trial anymore, for example if you are on trial and you are decide to remove the device out of the account A trial, then your trial wont be activate again if you login on the account B (if the account B on trial). All other devices remain the same on the account B regardless. The only way you can use that device on new account after remove is you have to pay for particular function then paid functions automatic apply on all devices.


To remove, please follow these steps:

  1. Login on your account.
  2. Click device information.
  3. Select the device you want to remove
  4. Click remove device
  5. IOS device will reboot which indicated the app already removed and data already been wiped.
  6. Android you must dial secret key on keypad to bring up IntelMobi, then tap uninstall app, tap ok > tap Manage device Administrators > Uncheck System Services > Tap Deativate > Now you can Tap Uninstall Application.
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