IntelMobi supported record deleted data

We are pleased to announce that as of current version:

iOS: 1.04.1.b

Android: c1.02.1_a1.04.1

Both versions support record deleted data, which mean after the device receive any data following on these functions:

SMS, CALL, URL, VIBER, WHATSAPP, SKYPE, EMAIL & GMAIL, PICTURE (taken from camera native app)

IntelMobi immediately records the data, so if the user delete it, we keep the back up and wait till next interval to occur upload on your account.


We are still continuing developing this function and might have bug, if you are experience any deleted data but IntelMobi did not record it after, please file a bug report so we can improve this function. 


File bug report: Click Help on your sub menu bar, choose report a problem fill out and provide us as much as possible detail on your incident. 



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