How to file bug report ?

Dear Users


For better support either regarding on your account or functionally of the IntelMobi. Please dont use contact form, but instead click Help under your Submenu (On your Account)

then choose Report a problem and fill out as much as possible and provide us clearly detail

1) If that function doesnt work, is function have any logs ?

2) Device has 3G or 4G unlimited or limited ? and also WIFI (time frame of usually device connect to WIFI)  

3) Did you install the IntelMobi using WIFI connection or 3G,4G ? 

4) Have you wait till the downloading latest version finish 100% at the end either on iOS or Android and reboot the phone after click hide ? 


Please answer these question in the Report so we can better help you faster in your incident. This way we dont have to waste time back and forward to ask these kind of question and escalate to our developer.

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