Image files uploading from IntelMobi

Because image photo files are heavy and cause alot of traffic on the device.IntelMobi designed so that it only upload the raw data images file if the device is on wifi. So if you are just install the device using 3G or 4G and you only see the loading in the photo section which mean the actual raw data have not been uploaded on our cloud yet.

So what you need to do is make sure device connect to wifi during the time installation. If not just wait till the device connect to wifi then login under your setting, slide off and on again on photo then save now. This way it will resync the raw data again and upload to our cloud. The 3G/Wifi option on  the photo is just for filename and not actual raw data. If you want to choose 3G connection on the raw data, please contact us, we are happy to enable on your device specific.  

Be warn:

it will use alot of traffic data on carrier, if you want this option. Some carrier will charge extra money if you are go over the limit, make sure you have unlimited data on your plan and also make sure no extra cost.


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